Copyright DGT Technology Ltd. Company reg. number 5440703. VAT number GB 873185892 174 Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD UK All prices quoted exclude VAT at the current rate. DGTBackup and are trading names of DGT Technology Ltd. Securing your files from disappearing forever. home     |     solutions     |     about us     |     contact us    |     login Keeping your files secure and your mind at rest. Store as many files as you like and rest assured they are being backed up preventing them from being lost forever......   “DGT backup saved my      business from disaster...“ J. Sunderland, HR Consultant check your files are safe any questions? click here... Every week, competent businesses and individuals, many of whom think their backup procedures are secure, still lose valuable data. 80 percent of businesses without a good backup and recovery strategy go out of business within two years of a major disaster (Source: National Archives and Records Administration) Which of these will effect you? human error and accidental deletions hardware errors viruses power failures and surges failed backups by traditional devices fire, flood and natural disasters unauthorised access or theft You can protect yourself and your business effectively by using DGT Techology's backup service to consistently store multiple copies of the data. home   |   how it works   |   download   |   buy now   |   login   |   ? Solutions  0208 819 1360